It's me... Jordan

I love solving problems. Putting the pieces together. When they come together just right... **BOOM!** ...They become more than the sum of the parts.

Do you know the device that's currently connecting you to me is over a million times more powerful than the ones that sent man to the moon? Let me help you make better use of it. Do you have something you'd like to launch? An idea? A business? Just pick up the phone.

I design and build digital solutions that make real life better. I do:

Branding & Identity

We start at the heart of it. Clarity of purpose and vision is key to bring us into alignment. It's about asking the right questions and defining achievable goals. We establish a clear voice that captures the personality of your business and speaks to your ideal market. I run a digital whiteboard session to get this rolling. It's fun, interactive, and if you're local I can bring snacks.

Content Strategy

With a sweet logo and a well articulated brand in hand, we're off to the races. That core identity drives the design, charting our path to the prize. Content is king in this royal land. We owe it to the people. But beware, the internet is brimming with mythical beasts and wondrous feats. We do this right and we'll get you set up with a loyal steed and a rocket launcher.

Web Design & Development

Devices are my vices. Sure, they're great for play or saying 'hey'. But look beyond the glittery pixels and you'll see important tools with the potential to solve real problems. To connect, amplify, and educate. Learning curves can be steep, but mastering their ways means putting a saddle on the beast of this digital world we live in. I get geeky with it so you don't have to. I'm a full stack designer/developer. If it's too much for just us, I'm happy to collab. I've got friends. When it comes to tech, I value simplicity. Whatever we build should look great and be easy for you and your customers to use.

with a side of Z

Z is the boom I bring to all that I do. I seek synergy in diversity of people and ideas. When I find it, I bring consistency. In the quality of the work I do, and the creativity and passion with which I do it. Whether it's a cheeseburger or a website, I immerse myself in the craft. I like feeling the heat, hearing the sizzle. Maybe it'll knock us off our feet. Getting up is how we grow. Let's figure out which direction is up and go. When you get down to it, we're all riding the same rocket. It's clear we've got work to do. So I'll bring my boom, and you bring yours. Let's see how it flies.


Portfolio coming soon...



Design is what brings it, and us, all together. It solves big problems by merging knowledge and tools, ideas and people, the hardware and the software. It's about putting a deadline on a dream, and drawing our map from A to B.

A is where you and I get to know each other. Grab coffee, talk shop. Get a sense of where your B might be. And why you're determined to get there. If you're anything like me, your map has all kinds of squiggly lines with big red Xs and vast swaths of uncharted territory. The internet is a bit like the wild west. There's a lot to learn, and some things worth looking out for. Let me be your guide. I'll help you get from A to B, and maybe we can start charting a course to Z. I bring big picture thinking, a clear collaborative process, and an arsenal of skills that'll help us blow through any obstacles along the way.

Giddy up.


rhymes w/ beets

It's my name. Don't worry, you won't wear it out, but say it right.

A bit unusual, I know. But that's me. I'm a pretty unusual guy. And I bring an unusually diverse set of skills to my work.

I've been smashing things apart and putting them back together since I was a kid. That's how I learn. We had this sweet little workshop in the basement growing up, decked out with all kinds of dangerous tools. I went from fixing toaster ovens to building (and crashing) bikes. If my ass wasn't bouncing on a bike seat, it was often firmly planted in front of a screen. My big bro and I grew up geeks and gamers.

I'm at home on the command line. I'm an adept wordsmith with a passion for pushing pixels. I've been a published photographer and a 3D modeler. In college I stretched my delicate wings with a year each in Spain and Denmark, grabbing an engineering degree along the way. I came home, landing a potential dream job at a local bike startup. The job never panned out, but I scored some sweet parts and built myself a shiny new ride. There was a lot of pedaling at that point in my life. I was always out exploring around where I grew up. Pushing up the hills along the quietest roads, seeing how far I could go. I was searching for something. One hot tip led to another, and before long I found myself pedaling to class at an architectural design/build school in Vermont. I spent a few blissful years growing a gnarly beard, hammering away, slinging huevos and hot meat sandwiches on the side. It was there that I developed a lens for the big picture, and came to see that I'm at my best when I bring all my seemingly disparate skills together. We are at our collective best when we know how to come together, and collaborate.

That gave me an idea. In 2010, my brain packed tight and percolating, I called up my best friend and asked him to build an education platform with me. It was an incredible ride. Tech has been my jam ever since.

I'm good at working with tight constraints and I place high value on time. When that time is up I unplug. I'm a new dad in a new old home in Western Mass. I like to play outside. I'm usually in bed by nine.

If all that's cool with you, what's say we chat about lighting that fuze?

Stay tuned. Lots more to come.